Ebun Oguntola



Ebunoluwa Oguntola is an avid 14-year-old composer, violinist, pianist, and singer from Upstate, NY.

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, Ebun created and composed a virtual concert featuring Grammy-Award winning violinst, Johnny Gandelsman as the soloist. So far it has garnered over 76O views. Due to the cancellations of many musical festivals, concerts, and large gatherings, for this virtual concert, musicians played at home a series of four pieces Ebun had recently composed to make up this musical work named "2O2O". Each piece/movement is narrated through music, and voice-overs. For each event/piece/movement, the music is culturally inspired by where the event geographically took place: fires in Australia, locusts in Africa, COVID-19 originating from China, and the Hurricanes/Outbreak in America happening all throughout our world affecting everyone. Within it she was able to feature Johnny Gandelsman, a Grammy-award winning violinist as a soloist. This is the link to the virtual concert: https://youtu.be/wNWbtZebLPQ

Ebun Oguntola was also a 2O19-2O2O Luna Composition Lab Fellow, student of Reena Esmail. Luna Composition Lab is a unique mentorship program that addresses the gender imbalance in the field of classical music by providing role models and performance opportunities for aspiring young composers who are female-identifying, non-binary or gender non-conforming. Founded by 2O19 Grammy nominee Missy Mazzoli and 2O19 Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Reid with Kaufman Music Center, Luna Lab is a platform for a successful and well-balanced career in the arts. Fellows receive one-on-one mentorship; performance opportunities; high-quality recordings of their work; access to a network of performers and composers; and a week of masterclasses, workshops, backstage tours, concerts and networking events in New York City.

As part of Luna Lab, Ebun was the recipient of the Patrina Foundation Fellowship in the end of 2O19, a foundation that supports girls’ and women’s social and educational not-for-profit programs in the New York Metropolitan area and surrounding counties.

Her private mentor for this program was Reena Esmail, who has been commissioned by ensembles including the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Kronos Quartet, Imani Winds, Richmond Symphony, Town Music Seattle, Albany Symphony, Chicago Sinfonietta, River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, San Francisco Girls Chorus, The Elora Festival, Juilliard415, and Yale Institute of Sacred Music.

Within Luna Lab, she was also able to have private masterclasses with Jennifer Koh, Caroline Shaw, Nathalie Joachim, Ashley Jackson, Sarah Hennies.

In summer of 2O2O, Ebun attended the internationally acclaimed Eastman Classical Studies program for composition, and was accepted with a merit-based scholarship. This program includes weekly performance and masterclass opportunities, career seminar with interviews and great speakers, theory, ear training, history classes, and as a non-major, conducting.

She was also featured on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, an award-winning publication about contemporary classical music and the preferred source of New Music news.

Ebun Oguntola was interviewed for the Local WSYR-TV News as part of the segment, Extraordinary Talent, for music.


In 2O2O, Ebun was ranked #1 Junior High Violinist in Onondaga County.

Symphoria contains three orchestras in different tiers of difficulty where one must audition to be able to join. Ebun had been in the SYSO (Symphoria Youth Strings Orchestra) for two years, and was able to move up to SYRO (Symphoria Youth Repertory Orchestra) in 2O2O. In the 2O2O-2O21 season, she will be in the highest group, SYAO (Symphoria Young Artist Orchestra).