Ebun Oguntola

2O2O, The Virtual Concert
Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, many musical festivals, concerts, and events have been cancelled, as large gatherings are no longer permitted due to the possible spread of the disease. This is a problem because it is now difficult to share music, especially within our local communities. I have realized that it is important to utilize our resources, and one of those resources is the internet.

I had thought up of an idea to have a virtual concert online. Basically, the musicians each played their part of the piece I composed and then recorded themselves playing it separately. I then edited them together and refined it. This musical work that I wrote, narrated all of these grievous current events (bushfires in Australia, locusts in Africa, COVID-19 originating from China, and outbreak/hurricanes within the US) happening all throughout our world affecting everyone. For each event that I had written about, the music is culturally inspired by where they geographically originated from.

I am also so honored to be able to feature Johnny Gandelsman as a soloist for this project. He is a Grammy-award winning violinist and producer as well as a founding member of the NYC-based string quartet Brooklyn Rider and member of the world music collective, Silkroad Ensemble.